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Created 2-Jun-22
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Visiting with Grandma and Papa's pickleball friends (Tom & Ann) and touring around their property.
2022-05-31_144505 - Yummy strawberry froze fruit bar2022-05-31_1446002022-05-31_144605 - Making a mess and having a fun time2022-05-31_1446262022-05-31_144628 - All that is left is the handle2022-05-31_1446372022-05-31_145440 - Walking up to see the party barn2022-05-31_1518492022-05-31_1518502022-05-31_1518522022-05-31_1531532022-05-31_1531542022-05-31_1531562022-05-31_1531582022-05-31_153204 - Ann, Matthew, Rose, Eva, Tom2022-05-31_153204_22022-05-31_1532062022-05-31_153209

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