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Created 2-Jun-22
12 photos

Photos from the return trip (GA --> TX). Did not get any on the way out as we were too stressed / nervous flying with toddler.

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2022-06-01_1127022022-06-01_112705 - Enjoying the rental car train.  Holding on like her parents.2022-06-01_124411 - No I don't want to get out of my stroller.2022-06-01_1244132022-06-01_134403 - Fighting nap time on the plane.2022-06-01_134802 - Daddy catching a quick nap with Rose.2022-06-01_1354462022-06-01_151041 - Ridding in mommy's lab for a bit as we were getting antsy.2022-06-01_1510432022-06-01_1647042022-06-01_194936 - Unexpected road trim from Houston back home.2022-06-01_203400 - Happy to be up past normal bedtime

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